Monday, June 3, 2013

League of Legends Riot Points Generator 2013

League of Legends Riot Points Generator 2013

Download League of Legends Riot Points Generator 2013 HERE:
One of the first DOTA Clones, called League of Legends got successfully hacked by NeighbourHacker. Since Riot (LoL) kepps much of the Gamedata on their servers we were able to sniff some algorithms to generate Riot Points. With the given data, we were able to reverse engineer the algorithms for 1350 and 3150 RP. This success brought us to the decision that we should code a generator for our followers.

-Latest Version 
-Generate 1350 or 3150 RP Code 
-It works for all League of Legends regions (USA, EU WEST, EU EAST, ASIA). 
-Autopatcher, you don't have to download it again. 
-Working on Windows, Mac and Linux

First Step:

Download the RP Code Generator by clicking on the download button

Second Step:
Start the RP Generator which you downloaded.
Choose your amount of Riot Points you want to generate.

Third Step:

Press the "Generate 1350 or 3150" Button in the RP Generator.
It will take approximate 2 seconds to generate your RP Code.

Last Step:

You can close the RP Generator.
Go to the Store and redeem the Code at the Shop!

Congratz you have successfully generated Riot Points
Have fun spending them for skins, champs, bundles etc.


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